mint lemonade

In Search of the Abu Dhabi Lemon Mint

It wasn’t until I had been in Abu Dhabi for almost a full day that I truly realized just how far I had traveled to be there. It was just about to be 5:00 am and despite the fact that I had to be at a meeting in four hours, I hadn’t slept all night […]

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fresh cooked pasta

How to Make Pasta From Scratch

I promise you, once you feel the velvety softness of fresh pasta dough beneath your fingers you’ll never eat dried pasta again.  Forget fresh pasta’s superior deliciousness; there is something so rich and luxurious about the texture of the homemade dough.  The way it pushes back as you knead it, the way it is transformed into a voluptuous golden ball — […]

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drinking chocolate

Drinking Chocolate

My first job when I graduated from culinary school was a temporary position at the historic 21 Club.  I was hired to work during the busiest time of year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Restaurant Week), at times serving between three and four hundred desserts during a single dinner service.  I gladly took the position, knowing […]

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heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

It was hot today: the type of hot that makes your bare skin beautiful with glittering jewels of sweat and leaves you feeling strangely sensual. It is in this type of heat that you realize your thirst, both physical and metaphorical, has not been quenched. And, it is in this heat that I wandered around the greenmarket, looking for […]

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